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The Master of Ceremonies is the "conductor" of an event or meeting. The primary responsibility of the Master of Ceremonies is to serve as a genial host. Having John Dawson as your M.C., he is a person who has bearing and presence who can command the attention of an audience. The Master of Ceremonies is responsible for ensuring that the programme of events runs smoothly, runs on time and that all important people at the event are introduced in a complimentary and professional manner.




Businesses promoting their goods and services at exhibitions or events can have the ‘selling’ expertise of John Dawson. He invests time in to researching your business for the USP (unique selling points) that can be presented to potential customers and clients in a friendly informative format using his skills as an M.C./Compère.




As a Charity Auctioneer John Dawson’s poise, easy going manner and sheer enthusiasm has the audience eager to participate as bidding punters to buy that something just a little special and help a good cause.




Whatever the occasion, whether it is motor racing or flower arranging, John Dawson brings that tinge of tension and anticipation into his voice as he relays to the spectators the events unfolding before him that has them on the edge of their seats with excitement.




The role of the Compère/Presenter is to act as a conduit between the purpose of the function and those present, to ensure that there is a natural flow to proceedings. In this John Dawson brings the audience and the occasion together with information, humour and charm.




John Dawson as town crier is a person who is employed to make public announcements in the streets or at functions such as product launches, weddings, fetes and promotions. He can also be used in court or for official announcements such as Royal proclamations, local by laws, market days and adverts. He carries a hand bell to attract people's attention, shouting the words "Oyez Oyez!" before making the announcements. The word "Oyez" means "hear ye," which is a call for silence and attention.